Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Transcription - The Fawns world

The depiction of the Fawn will help to further develop the understanding of Mr Tumnuses world. Here are a few ideas so far of how he may roughly appear. I really need to draw his body. (I'll add that later on this very post!) This helps as I can now visually see what kind of nature he has about him, if I create a full character as a rough guideline I may be able to take things from him that would be used in his surroundings.

The development of Mr Tumnus may be irrelevant to the project overall, however the character speaks world for his enviroment, therefore I believe it is important to try to depict his character visually to developt an idea for his characteristics.



  1. Hey Chris - check out this faun!

  2. That's amazing! Kind of scary too, I wouldn't want to bump into him!